All hail the nest egg!

Introducing the world’s first game featuring a bunch of conscientious critters whose only goal is to tuck away a small fortune for you! Working in response to your actions in the real world, the Nestlings will attempt to save money and build a glorious nest egg for you over time.


How Nestlings works


All they want is a better world!


The Nestlings love saving money and they love seeing things grow. As they toil to build up your pot of real world cash, their own virtual environment evolves and becomes increasingly resplendent. The more they put in for you, the more they get to enjoy the beauty unfolding around them. 


All determined to help,
but who will work best?

Nestlings is easy to play. You just go about your life and wait for the Nestlings to emerge. They are all triggered by different things, and it is up to you to either accept or deny their wishes, or adjust your actions to keep them motivated and effective.



This fresh faced little Nestling puts 25p into your nest egg whenever you spend money between 5am and 8am.



This rusty ole' Nestling puts £1.00 into your nest egg, but only when it's raining out there in the real world.



This enigmatic Nestling emerges only on the full moon, to seek a saving for you of two whole pounds.


This polite Nestling strives to put £2.00 into your nest egg on days when you've spent zilcho on public transport.



This fun-loving, hard-partying Nestling puts away 50p every Friday – just because.



This eagle-eyed Nestling will tuck away the difference in your overall spending from the previous week.


...and many more!


All they need is a number,
and some TLC


Nestlings typically like to aim for £1,000 over a period of 12 months, but you can choose whatever savings target you like, and over however long you wish. Pick and choose your Nestlings wisely and see how well they work together for your benefit. But do try keep them happy, they become sad if your nest egg stops growing and their habitat stops flourishing.  


Keep updated with ole’ Nestos


Nestlings is the result of a collaboration between Thought Machine Labs and the award-winning games studio, Glitchers. Thought Machine Labs is the experimental arm of Thought Machine, a leading London fintech company which is known for its principal product, Vault, a cloud-based core banking platform, which is revolutionising how banking is done. The company has also made waves with its digital money box for children, Money Monsters, which was taken on by Santander in 2017. Glitchers, meanwhile, have enjoyed global accolades for having created the world’s first game designed to help battle dementia, Sea Hero Quest.